Hot Tubs

Vibrant Escape is proud to announce the addition of hot tubs to our long list of offerings. That’s right! The team who can transform your property into your own personal escape can now help you add the perfect finishing touch to your oasis.

Why buy hot tubs in Grey County? We believe hot tubs are a great way to maximize the time spent with family and friends in your backyard. And besides assisting with relaxation, hot tubs also have a long list of health benefits like reducing headaches, relieving muscle and joint pain, and soothing arthritis pain. 

We are proud to install Northern Hot Tubs, designed with the harsh Canadian climate in mind. The offer a 2-person hot tub all the way up to an 8-person hot tub, along wiht an energy-efficient and low-maintenance experience.


Northern Hot Tub Advantages

Quality Craftsmanship

Every Northern Hot Tub begins with a 304 stainless steel frame to maximize durability. But these quality hot tubs don’t stop there, the hot tub’s surface is vacuum-formed using only premium acrylic, and then a special 2-stage fibreglass backing is applied to create a virtually indestructible hot tub shell. Add in their 5-layer insulation system, and you have a recipe for long-lasting, worry-free enjoyment.

Feature Rich

From LED mood and safety lighting to illuminated cup holders, ozone water purification and hydrotherapy jets, every Nothern Hot Tub is packed with features you want and need without overcomplicating things. 

Energy Efficient

Northern Hot Tubs are designed to efficiently maintain the desired temperature so that you can forget about excessive operation costs and focus on knowing that your hot tub will be ready for use when you need it most.

Built-in Wifi

Looking for a hot tub with built-in wifi capabilities? You’ve come to the right place. All Northern Hot Tubs come with a built-in wifi connectivity module— allowing you to monitor and control water temperature, water circulation, service schedules and more from the comfort and ease of their iOS and Android app.

Sensible Pricing

As an added benefit, every Northern Hot Tub is backed by their all-inclusive pricing, so you never have to worry about additional costs for add-on options, premium features and extended warranties.

Hot Tub Installation

We can seamlessly integrate a hot tub into any new or existing backyard design, including being installed in-ground, in-deck, on a cement pad or on a deck. Add in our expertise from years of hot tub installation experience, and you’re ready for years of worry-free use.

Hot Tub Options

We can offer a 2,4,6, and 8-person Premium Hot Tub as well as Plug & Play and Inflatable options. So whether you’re looking for a backyard showstopper or something more cost-effective, we have a hot tub to suit all budgets, spaces and needs.

Hot Tub Accessories

Once you’ve invested in a hot tub for your backyard oasis, you’ll want to make sure you take proper care of it. We can offer accessories, including covers, entry steps, cover lifters and more.

Ready to sit back, soak, relax and rejuvenate? Contact us today if a hot tub sounds like the perfect addition to your backyard retreat. Our team will work with you to identify the right hot tub for your budget, space and needs and work tirelessly to help you get to relaxing as quickly as possible. And as always, customer satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can relax knowing your satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact us today at 519-379-6186 or fill out a quick form to find out more about adding a hot tub to your backyard.